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- State-of-the-art technologies and newest
machinery for best quality products
and lowest manufacturing cost.

  • Our two flexible, high capacity production lines
    are used for electronic assembly and lead-free
    soldering in a nitrogen reflow atmosphere.
    Basic processes on both lines are:
    Automatic SMD paste or glue assembly,
    THT assembly of axial and radial components.
    Reflow soldering in a convection oven and wave soldering, lead-free alloys.
    SMD Components ranging from 0201 to 45x45 mm
    BGA, µBGA, Flip Chips, pitch 0,4mm.
    Line 1 capacity:
    11000 SMD components/h,
    3000 THT components/h.
    Line 2 capacity:
    18000 SMD components/h,
    5000 THT components/h.

  • In addition to our Electronic Manufacturing facility
    we have a well equipped Mechanical Department
    and state-of-the-art Injection Moulding Department.
    Metal component processing:
    cutting, blanking, pressing, milling,
    turning, bending, grinding.
    Injection moulding of plastics:
    ABS, PP, PA, PC, PE, PVC, PS and other plastics.
    Capacity of the injection moulding machines:
    up to 1000 injections/h.
    Clamping force up to 1000 kN.
    Weight of moulded pieces up to 200g.